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At Little Bird Property Management we believe in creating win-win situations for both tenants and property owners. By making sure that everything is going great in the lives of tenants it helps keep vacancies down on behalf of property owners.

Our properties are well maintained and tastefully furnished to provide the best experience to tenants and to attract the best tenants for owners. We go above and beyond to provide the best customer service you’re just not going to find elsewhere.

Going above and beyond to provide exceptional service and value is our driving force. We strive to do our best in every aspect of property management; from being proactive in managing properties, being quick to respond to any issues, to maximizing return on investment for properties.

By understanding the needs of tenants, we are able to match tenants to properties that provide exceptional comfort and worry free stays. By constantly evaluating current needs and trends of traveling professionals, we help owners keep their properties up to date and desirable to attract quality tenants. A win-win situation for everyone.

After spending years in the field as a property insurance adjuster, Amy is well versed in short term and extended stay rentals and understands the level of comfort required to make a successful stay. She applied this knowledge to her own property and turned her garage into a stand alone ADU and began renting to traveling professionals. Since then, she has helped other owners transform properties into desirable stays by helping them with furnishings, providing direction for tenant happiness, and going above and beyond to create long lasting relationships with tenants and owners.

Amy Siddon, owner of Little Bird Property Management

We manage each property with dedication, attention to detail and efficiency. By working with us, we will save you money and give you peace of mind.

Amy Siddon, owner of Little Bird Property Management.

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We Specialize in short-stay, extended stay, sabbatical, and vacation rental property management.

Let Amy at Little Bird Property Management in Springfield help you earn extra income from your home or property. We are a full service property management company and handle marketing, preperation, maintenance, cleaning and more. We will guide you through the whole process to earn income from your home or rental, either seasonally or year round.

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